2008 Fall Meeting

October 10 - 12, 2008
North Georgia College & State University
Dahlonega, GA

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Thanks to the following organizations for their support of the 2008 Fall Meeting:

Exclusive Lunch Sponsor

Friday "Gait" course sponsor

  • Allard USA

Conference Sponsors

  • Amedisys Home Health Services
  • American Ramp Systems
  • Atlanta medical Center
  • Bioness
  • Camellia Home Health Care
  • Empi Recovery Sciences, Inc.
  • Gentiva
  • Georgia Lung Associates
  • Global Rehabilitation Services
  • Innovative Neurotronics
  • Integra Rehabilitation
  • Preferred Therapy Providers, Inc.
  • SunDance Rehabilitation

Congratulations to the PTAG 2008 Sturdent Research Award Recipients from Georgia State University:
“Caffeine Improves Maximal Voluntary Strength and Activation in Uninjured but Not Injured Muscle”

  • Robert D. Maresca
  • Kimberly I. McKibans
  • Nicole D. Park
  • Gordon L. Warren

Congratulations to the 2008 PTAG Grant Recipients:

  • Zoher Kapasi, Kristin Mercer, Jennifer Patterson, Laura Stone
  • “Physical Therapist Perceptions of Physician Determinants in Generating Referrals to Physical Therapy Practice”
    Emory University
  • Collin Adu, Megan Brock, Amy Estes, Mindy Hite, Lori Northcraft, Mary Murphy
    “Survey to Evaluate Service Learning in US Physical Therapy Programs”
    Emory University
  • Courtney Hall, Emily Hussey, Alana Loveday, Valerie Mendez, Julia Toomey
    “The Role of Divided Attention Recovery from a Trip during Gait in Older Adults”
    Emory University

Fall 2008 course offerings included the following:

  • Gait Biomechanics & Orthotic Applications (sponsored by Allard USA)
  • Ethics and Jurisprudence in Physical Therapy Practice
  • Sacroiliac Joint and Its Relation to Low Back Pain
  • Using Body Weight Support and Electric Stimulation to Promote Function and Neuroplasticity for the  Neurologically Involved Client
  • Hispanic-Latino Patient Cultural Competency
  • “Education is All a Matter of Building Bridges". . .Ralph W. Ellison, scholar, author (GCPTE Sponsored Program)
  • Diagnostic Imaging for Therapists
  • Medicare and Legislative Update

The speakers are neither attorneys nor official representatives of the Georgia state board of physical therapy. None of the information presented is intended to provide specific legal advice for any particular individual questions about the Georgia physical therapy practice act. Only personal legal counsel or individual consultation with the state board of physical therapy can provide such assistance.

Applicable Policies

  • Cancellations: For cancellations made in writing, postmarked by September 30. 2008, individuals will receive an 80% refund of the registration fee. Refunds will not be made for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the course date.
  • On-site Registration: On-site registration is limited. We cannot guarantee availability of seats to individuals registering on-site.
  • ADA Compliance: In compliance with the American Disabilities Act of 1990, PTAG will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities at the meetings.