imPact 2018 General Information

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GA PT PAC Fundraiser
Details coming soon.

Business Meeting & Voting
Please check in at the business meeting to ensure our quorum numbers are met and voting can occur. Volunteers will be on hand to accept your signed Attendance Verification card. Please retrieve your verification card from your registration packet, sign on the back and surrender your card upon entry.

Continuing Competency Hours (CCHs) formally known as CEUs
CCH will be only provided for full attendance in one class per time slot. In order to receive your CCH certificate, you must sign in and sign out of each course. Certificates will be emailed post meeting.

Food & Beverage
Please be mindful of food and beverages in the meeting rooms. All meals will be served in the Ballroom.

Mobile Devices
Please silence your phones, tablets an laptops before entering any course.

ADA Compliance
In compliance with the American Disabilities Act of 1990, PTAG will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate people with disabilities during this meeting.