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GFPT Student Scholarship

GFPT offers their own scholarship to provide financial assistance to PT and PTA students who demonstrate superior capabilities and the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of the Physical Therapy Profession.  PT students may apply for a $1,000 scholarship and  PTA students may apply for a $500 scholarship.  Recipients will be invited to the awards luncheon as our guest. The awards luncheon will be held during IMPACT 2018, PTAG's annual conferece. For more information or to obtain an application click here

2018 Awards Ceremony Luncheon

Saturday, April 7, 2018
12:45pm - 2:30pm
The Classic Center
Athes, GA


To provide financial assistance to PT and PTA students who demonstrate superior capabilities and the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of the physical therapy profession.


  1. Nominees must be members of APTA/PTAG.
  2. Nominees must be enrolled as full time students in a Georgia PT or PTA program.
  3. Nominees will have completed one year of the credit hours required for graduation and/or the degree awarded by this department by the time of the receipt of the scholarship. The institution must attest to the one year or more completion status.
  4. Nominees will exhibit superior scholastic ability and past performance.
  5. Nominees must exhibit a strong commitment to physical therapy through participation in state and national associations, related activities, community service activities involving physical therapy, and pro bono/voluntary service.
  6. Awardees must accept their scholarship in person at IMPACT, PTAG's annual conference. 

Nomination Procedure

  1. Instructions for scholarship application will be distributed to the directors of all CAPTE accredited (or in-process) PT and PTA programs in Georgia via e-mail.
  2. The Director of the program will be responsible to provide the information to eligible students.    
  3. Eligible students will submit, via e-mail by Monday, January 29, 2018, current application information  appropriate to the category of the educational program in which the student nominee is enrolled.
  4. Incomplete nomination packets will not be considered by the GFPT Scholarship Committee.
  5. Extraneous documents (those that are not required or in excess of requirements) will not be considered by the scholarship committee.
  6. Applicants not selected for the award may be reapply in any subsequent year by the completion and submission of a new packet. Previously submitted nomination forms and supporting documents may not be used.

Materials Used for Submission & Directions

  1. PDF or Word document of completed nomination form.
  2. PDF of Transcript indicating cumulative GPA, and PT-specific GPA.
  3. PDF or Word document of nominee statement:
    1. Two page limit, 12 point font, one-inch margins
    2. Nominee statement should provide a clear, concise statement, discussing evidence of a leadership role in addressing current issues in physical therapy, participation in state and national APTA activities, how their education and experiences have prepared them for a career in physical therapy and how they plan to contribute to the profession in the next three to five years.

Send all materials via e-mail to

Scholarship Committee

  1. The Scholarship Committee shall consist of no less than three members. Two members of the BOD of the GFPT who are not employed in an academic institution, and one Georgia clinician who is a PTAG member and not associated with any academic institution in Georgia.
  2. The Scholarship Committee with the permission of the GFPT Board may request consultation with appropriate clinicians and/or content experts.

Review Procedure

  1. The Scholarship Committee will review nominations and recommend recipients to the BOD of GFPT for final approval.
  2. Two awards will be given each year.  If the Committee determines there is not a worthy nominee in any one category, the award may be allocated to another category, or not given.
  3. The number of awards granted in any year will be determined by the GFPT and will be based on available funds and the number of nominees who meet the criteria.
  4. Members of the BOD, or the Scholarship Committee who are closely associated with a nominee in either a personal or professional manner in which a conflict of interest may exist, will be required to be absent during discussion and voting concerning that nominee.
  5. The decision of the BOD pertaining to the selection of the awardee will be final and reasons for the decision will not be disclosed.

Award Notification

  1. The recipients of the awards and the directors of the programs in which they are enrolled will be notified after selection by the BOD
  2. Nominees who are not selected will be notified of their non-selection and will be thanked for their participation.
  3. The student recipients will receive their monetary awards at IMPACT, PTAG's annual conference. If the student is unable to attend a representative of the student’s educational program may accept the award on the student’s behalf.
  4. An announcement of the award will appear in a PTAG e-blast and the SSIG newsletter.

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