GFPT Scholarship Recipients

Student Scholarships provide financial assistance to PT and PTA students who demonstrate superior capabilities and the potential to significantly contribute to the growth of the physical therapy profession. For more informaiton or to obtain an application for a student scholarship, click here.


2016 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Jonathan Gill, SPT, Augusta University
  • Caroline Waters, SPT, Georgia State University
  • Andrew Ricks, SPT, Mercer University
  • Erika Lowe, SPTA, Athens Technical College



2015 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Raymond Lynch, SPT, Mercer University
  • Christina Maher, SPT, Armstrong State University
  • David Smelser, SPT, Georgia State University
  • Annabeth Norborge, SPTA, Athens Technical College



2014 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Nathan Angus, SPT, Armstrong State University
  • Kari Lindegren, SPT, Emory University
  • Daniel Tari, SPT, Mercer University
  • Matt Payne, SPTA, Athens Technical College



2013 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Deanna Hortman, SPT, Mercer University
  • Scott Lowe, SPT, University of North Georgia
  • Emma McPhail, SPT, Georgia State University
  • April Skelton, SPTA, Athens Technical College



2012 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Nancy Boore, SPT, Mercer University
  • Rose Burgett, SPT, Mercer University
  • Crystal Huber, SPT, Emory University
  • Jessie Mutchler, SPTA, Athens Technical College



2011 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Laura Beauchamp, SPT, North GA College & State University
  • Cindy South, SPTA, Athens Technical College



2010 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Daniel Dale, SPT, Armstrong Atlantic University
  • Beth Crowley, SPTA, Athens Technical College



2007 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Erin Byrnes, SPT
  • Timothy Charleston, SPT
  • Phyllis Palma, SPT
  • Nicole Park, SPT
  • Brian Beard, SPTA



2003 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Marlena Brantley, SPT
  • Caleb Bemis, SPT
  • Phyllis Duncan, SPTA
  • Robin Marshall, SPTA



2002 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Allison Gilmer, SPT
  • Michael Vance McKinnie, Jr., SPT
  • Julia A. Carver, SPT
  • Erin Monger, SPT
  • Mark Andrew Maxwell, SPTA



2001 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Sean Proctor, SPT
  • Lauren Wagner, SPT
  • Carla Hill, SPT
  • Steve Chastain, SPTA
  • Danielle Couch, SPTA



2000 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Meridith Accardi, SPT
  • Bethany Burns, SPT
  • Jonathon Haas, SPT
  • Betsy Hamilton, SPTA
  • Michelle Culp, SPTA
  • Lynn Griffin, SPTA